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Backpain – an overview

Back pain – a common affliction

Back pain is one of the most topical issues of all. Why? Because about 80% of people suffer from it or have already suffered from it. Pain in the area of the lumbar spine, in the lower part of the back between the base of the ribs and the hips, is called back pain. If the pain is above this, shoulder pain or neck pain is the correct term.

This often leads to restricted movement and muscle tension. Back pain is caused by wear and tear of the spine and intervertebral discs or by strained muscles and ligaments. Often it is discomfort above the buttocks in the lumbar spine, lateral to the spine or even radiating to the leg. Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of incapacity for work. In addition, the quality of life is severely affected. EMS back training, TENS for back pain or training against back pain help as well as heat to relax strained and tense muscles. It is great to combine these methods, as with the professional massage table from reLounge.

Classification of back pain

It is divided into non-specific and specific back pain.

Most sufferers are dealing with non-specific back pain. The back suffers from tense, shortened or overstretched muscles. No clear cause is identified. If no specific damage to the spine or other disease to the back or pain radiation is detected, the diagnosis is called “non-specific”.

Specific back pain is, for example, a back problem or another disease of the back, which can be the cause. In both cases, visits to wellness and spa facilities can only temporarily relieve the pain.

Criteria according to which back pain is classified

The duration of the pain is always important. If one has pain for six to twelve weeks, it is called “subacute back pain.” If the pain is longer than twelve weeks, it is chronic back pain. However, if they are present for less than six weeks, they are called acute back pain. Then the location of the pain plays an important role. If pain occurs in the cervical spine, it is called “cervicalgia”.
As “dorsalgias” refers to the pain in the thoracic spine and “lumbalgias” are the pain in the lumbar spine. There is also a distinction between back pain with and without radiation into the arms and legs. Training against back pain is tailored to the individual. With the reLounge system, a back pain massager on the highest level, this training is already included. The professional massage table combines heat, massage, wellness, provides relief and helps to strengthen and invigorate.

New findings and facts about back pain

Have you heard these six different facts about back pain? Some of them are already known, others are among the latest findings.

1. You may be surprised to learn that sitting relaxed and reclined is better than the upright position. This is because the spine and intervertebral discs are most stressed in the upright position.

2. smokers or former smokers have an increased risk of suffering from back pain. The blood vessels are narrowed by nicotine and this leads to worsened blood circulation and thus to arteriosclerosis. Bone density is reduced and the bones are less well supplied.

3. malfunction of jaw and teeth could cause back pain. This is due to constant and sometimes subconscious tightening, which triggers tension.

4. it is also possible that back pain can have a psychological cause. For example, the living environment can play a role or stress at work.

5. 95% of back pain originates in musculoskeletal or muscular faults.

6. 80% of those affected by back pain suffer from the muscles in the back being too weak.

Treatment options

One form of treatment is TENS for back pain. For chronic or acute back pain, TENS units are used to relieve pain. These devices are used to block the transmission of pain and release the body’s own neurotransmitters. The messenger substances have a pain-relieving effect.

EMS back training with electric muscle stimulator is also used very successfully. This reduces pain, relieves tension, strengthens the back and protects the joints. In this EMS back training, the pain patient is given special functional clothing with electrodes. Here, electrical impulses are conducted through the body.

These two methods are combined, for example, in the professional massage table from reLounge.

You can also consider training against back pain. Stretching exercises relieve tension. The cat hump is popularly used. In the cat hump, you stand on a gym mat in a quadruped position. Place your hands and knees on the mat, keeping your back straight. The head is held in the extension of the spine. Place your feet and lower legs on the mat. If your knees hurt, place a folded towel under your knees to relieve the pressure. The next time you exhale, the back is pushed into the cat hump position. In this position, the thoracic spine forms the highest point. Now move the buttocks and shoulders toward the mat. Try to pull the belly button inward. When you inhale again, the tension in the abdomen is released, the lower back must be straightened and then they pull themselves to the starting position with tension in the shoulders and upper back muscles.

That was too complicated? Aside from the effort and exercise program with possibly sore knees, it’s not necessarily clear if this exercise can exactly help with your pain. It makes more sense to use reLounge. Because not only EMS and TENS are used with the professional massage table from reLounge. Heat and training against back pain are components of the treatment.

In the heat treatment, the heat penetrates deep into the muscles and tissues. The perception of pain in muscle tension is reduced by supplying heat to the brain. The supply of heat also stimulates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. The tissue is supplied with nutrients and toxins from the body are removed.

Thus, the electric massage table combines numerous methods of treatment against back pain. In the category of wellness spa furniture you can find the great lounger from reLounge as well as in the category of massage chair physiotherapy. Unlike a hydromassage couch or a hydrojet massage couch, this back pain massager in the form of the reLounge back therapy couch is a novelty. The special system can be purchased for home use as well as for practice use or as cosmetic and wellness equipment. On only 4 m² it is set up space-saving. Also who is looking for rehab physiotherapy equipment is well advised with reLounge.

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons for sick leave? Set up in the company, reLounge offers a beneficial time-out for all employees. This significantly reduces absenteeism due to back pain.

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