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How reLounge pushed my business

How reLounge pushed my business

My health studio with focus on holistic massage and healthy nutrition was doing really well until the big Corona pandemic came. Satisfied customers and support for a healthy lifestyle were motivation enough to keep going and not give up even in bad months. The effort was always worthwhile on a human level and mostly financially. And then came Corona.

Corona forced me to close my health studio during the strict regulations. Fear of the future took hold and so I began to think about what could be done. I wanted to make my studio attractive for clients after the pandemic. In the meantime, the Corona measures were relaxed and taking care of customers was allowed again under certain conditions.


reLounge and the first information

During the Corona break, I looked in several directions to help my little health studio get back on its feet. Certainly, due to the pandemic, several of the regular customers were lost after the reopening. The rising costs and fear of a future that could be greatly impacted by Corona were not my only concerns. Again and again, the thought of closing the health studio grew stronger and more audible. But giving up just because of a disease? Somehow that was not an acceptable solution. Another solution had to be found to keep the health studio attractive to customers. After all, everything revolves around health.

However, during the whole time I was looking around and informing myself, I noticed that a lot of people have complaints especially in the area of the back. I was aware that back pain in particular affects many people, but somehow this was never my sole focus. Did you know that EMS successfully counteracts back pain? So I put this focus more on back pain and directed my interest towards helping affected people. A health studio is not only there for aches and pains, but to help people to grow older healthily. To enjoy life in a mobile and active way, even in old age. Massages help immensely to increase mobility, but there are still several possibilities that have a more targeted effect.

While researching which massage table would probably be the best, and there are all kinds of different models, I discovered reLounge. It was clear to me that I needed to offer something in my health studio that others didn’t have to offer. That I could win back, satisfy and keep my customers. As I meticulously researched information about reLounge, I became more and more fond of this back therapy couch.

None of the options that have been looked at closely so far, such as:

  • the Hydrojet massage table
  • the andullation couch
  • the HHP massage table
  • the water massage table
  • an electric massage table
  • one Ceragem massage table
  • an acupressure massage mat

could offer me for my needs what in the end the reLounge back therapy couch could and can offer. After some repeated study of the information, I took the plunge and integrated the reLounge back therapy couch into my studio. One of the best decisions of my career.

This professional massage table combines four methods of back therapy in one system and exceeded and continues to exceed all my expectations. The adjustment to the respective customer is individual and very easy to perform. A treatment couch physiotherapy like a professional offers my customers sustainable improvement and a new attitude towards life.

Corona and the security measures were relaxed

My health studio lost customers after the Corona pandemic, but now more and more customers are finding their way to me. I owe this to the reLounge back therapy table. Every one of my clients is thrilled with this professional massage table. Without much physical effort on my part, my clients feel so much better. In relation to the pandemic and the worries that many people have in this regard, reLounge also scores plus points. Once it has been adapted to the client, the recliner works entirely by itself, so there is little proximity. A risk of infection is therefore drastically reduced. After the couch has been cleaned and disinfected, the next customer already benefits from it.

Many of my clients already had chronic problems with their backs and had tried a number of things for years without lasting success. They not only visited me for a soothing massage, but also had to see a physiotherapist. This prescribed a special training against back pain and other various treatment methods such as rehab physiotherapy equipment. Wellness and spa facilities were regularly visited by my clients to maintain the small successes that were achieved. All this my customers took on themselves to have less or no pain in the back in the short term and just one night to sleep well and deeply.

All of these methods were not only very time consuming, but didn’t last very long. On top of that, there was the stress of trying to fit all the appointments in after work. This stress, in turn, naturally resulted in the back pain worsening again for many customers.

This unpleasant cycle has now been broken with the reLounge back therapy couch. One way, one treatment with the reLounge back therapy couch and a huge improvement in the quality of life of my clients. Integrated EMS back training, heat and the way the couch works bring great and lasting results. My clients are very important to me. With the reLounge back therapy couch, I have managed to make my customers even more satisfied in my studio.

Satisfied customers let my health studio continue to exist

You could fill a book with the success stories of my satisfied customers by now. Customers who come and thank me because they are finally feeling better after a very long time. Clients who enjoy restful sleep without pain and are much more agile again. I don’t want to exaggerate, but a small portion of this success falls on me as well. After hours of research, I found the courage to integrate this couch into my studio.

My customers make word of mouth for me and the reLounge back therapy couch. Many customers recommend me and new customers come in. I now have more satisfied customers than I did before the pandemic. These referrals are worth so much to me. While my clients enjoy the professional massage table and feel better and relax, I can focus on what else is important to my clients besides getting rid of pain. During the time the reLounge is doing its job, I can focus on other important things and help my clients even better as a result.

Working with the reLounge back therapy table is, as already mentioned, extremely simple and straightforward. With this professional massage table I can offer a therapeutic competence that satisfies.

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