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Why reLounge?

Back pain is a dominant issue in our society. Treating it is not only a very time-consuming and physically demanding process but the treatment chain itself can be very complex. Patients are sent back and forth, the success rate is uncertain – and that is where reLounge comes in. reLounge solves these well-known problems and makes it easy for everyone involved. Time-saving, effective, sustainable. reLounge is back training at its best.
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Globally unique on today’s market, a distinctive design – and most importantly: the future of back pain treatment. That is what reLounge is all about. The most proven treatment methods for back pain incorporated into just one system: muscle training through electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), pain relief with the help of TENS, heat therapy – all that based on a soothing deep massage. reLounge delivers a holistic treatment concept that not only relieves the symptoms, but above all is able to target the root cause itself. With reLounge, you can now experience therapeutic competence at the touch of a button.

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Stimawell 120mtrs ems mat integrated in relounge couch
Four proven methods to treat back pain in just one system
relounge with ems against back pain
Maximum efficacy and training experience thanks to the ergonomic lying position
Control unit of a professional massage table
Smart System – Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button
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