Effective back training with a perfect business concept

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Success through innovation

We have taken on the mission of treating the widespread disease known as back pain. Our goal was to develop an all-in-one system that offers a simple, safe yet effective solution with the existing innovation and best practices of the medical and health sector at the forefront.

With more than 15 years of experience in the fitness and health sector, feedback from thousands of successfully trained and treated customers, we knew what we had to do. Let us convince you of our holistic concept, one that guarantees maximum success with minimum effort. Become part of our vision!

Stimawell 120mtrs ems mat integrated in relounge couch
Four proven methods to treat back pain in just one system
relounge with ems against back pain
Smart System – Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button
Control unit of a professional massage table
Maximum efficacy and training experience thanks to the ergonomic lying position

Our mission – your success

Back pain massager in a fitness center
  • Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button
  • Address a large target group – widespread disease of back pain
  • Attractive additional revenue – cross-selling
  • Customer loyalty as a result of high brand awareness
  • Efficiency for both the operator and the customer
  • Innovative solution – contact-free, simple, resource-friendly
  • Wellness and fitness combined with an attractive design
  • At the cutting edge – expansion of classic training concepts
  • Fast amortization through our attractive service package
Physiotherapy practice supplies in a practice
  • Medically proven technologies that have been recognized for decades
  • Individual training, tailored to the patient’s individual condition
  • Provision of a complete back training program
  • Physical and psychological relief in the everyday practice 
  • Attractive additional income as a result of patient loyalty
  • Compatible with existing offers
  • Address a large target group
  • Billable service under the terms of health insurance and GoÄ
  • Ready-made concept for successful integration
wellness couch spa in an office
  • Simple and attractive solution for the main causes of sickness absence “back pain”
  • Reduced absence days and higher productivity
  • Healthy, energetic and motivated employees at the push of a button
  • Stress relief with pure relaxation in only 20 minutes
  • Improved employer brand = attractive employer
  • Opportunity to use breaks effectively
  • Cost savings thanks to an efficient and autonomous approach
  • Simple installation even in the smallest of spaces
  • Can be integrated into BGM and BGF
wellness and spa facilities in a smart way
  • Leave a lasting impression with the touch of a button
  • Enthusiastic guests after just one application
  • Lasting results that your guests will love
  • Combining lifestyle with therapeutic competence
  • Effective muscle training combined with pure relaxation and stress relief
  • Wellness and fitness with an attractive design
  • No additional personnel is required
  • New sales potential – contact-free, simple, resource-friendly
Cosmetics and wellness facility interior
  • Unique combination of beauty treatment and back training
  • Satisfied customers with a high referral rate
  • Expansion of service offering and attraction of new target groups
  • New sales potential through cross-selling
  • Merging beauty and health
  • Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button
  • Innovative and future-oriented concept
  • Ergonomic and comfortable lying position for longer treatments
  • Stylish design – a real eye-catcher for every beauty salon

Convince yourself with our customer success stories

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reLounge – a holistic concept of treatment

Medical history

The first training session is preceded by a careful medical history to allow for a targeted training.


The electrodes are then adjusted to fit the user’s individual back situation. This step ensures that each user gets their own tailored back workout.


Once the calibration is done, the system will generate a brief evaluation, revealing the differences found in the intensity of the electrodes on both sides. Conclusions about muscular imbalances or other medical conditions can be drawn based on the data.

Program selection

Each user will be provided with a customized training plan that is best suited for them. Cyclically structured, with different focuses.


Then, the actual training takes place. The user can fully relax and enjoy the session in the reLounge.


A re-assessment will be made at the end of the cycles to determine if the training plan has been successful in targeting the user’s specific needs.

One system – multiple solutions

Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button

reLounge offers a holistic approach for therapeutic treatments

Simple & Autonomous application

The user can control the overall intensity according to their individual calibration

Simple installation even in the smallest of spaces

Only 4sqm is needed to integrate reLounge into a room or area.

Safety with medical approval

reLounge is a certified medical device with both the European (CE) marking as well as the American (FDA) approval.

Unique in the market

There is no comparable product offering the same combination of leading technologies for back and neck pain.

Individual approach

Individually calibrated electrodes are able to target the user’s specific needs

Maximum efficiency

Various studies have proven the efficacy within short periods of time

We pave the way for your success

Our success package paves the way for a successful integration of the reLounge in any business sector

We will personally visit and set up the reLounge for you within the D-A-C-H region.

In order for you to be best prepared, we offer a comprehensive equipment training program as well as in-depth sales training. Both are designed to jump-start your success with reLounge.

  • Comprehensive analysis of the current situation
  • Spatial integration of reLounge
  • Support with pricing
  • Support with contractual matters
  • Advice on combination products

A successful launch requires meaningful and appealing marketing materials. You can rely on us to provide you with customized materials for your business.

  • Development of a professional landing page for lead generation
  • One month of marketing services provided by a professional agency
  • One month of advertising budget included – further support is possible thereafter

We will cover the training costs for one person.

Business feedback

ems rückentraining in der totalen

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