My everyday life with back pain

My everyday life with back pain

For about 12 years I suffered from back pain day and night. Sleeping through the night was unthinkable. During the day, I struggled to get through the day. Sitting for too long was just as impossible as standing for too long. To run longer distances was not to be thought at all.

Even everyday life became a torment. Going shopping, cooking, cleaning, the simplest household tasks, I could no longer do all of this in one piece. Again and again I had to lie down or sit down to relieve my back. My life took place for the most part within my own 4 walls. As far as leisure activities were concerned, I have to say, there was no such thing anymore. This, of course, had a very negative impact on our family life. When we went out, I either couldn’t be there at all or I put the brakes on the family. Family celebrations were no reason for joy for me, already in advance I had to think how I would endure you hours.

Many treatments showed little effect

Only taking strong painkillers made the pain somewhat bearable. These in turn had side effects. I think I have been to almost every doctor in the area and have heard very different opinions. One part of the doctors was for an operation, the other part advised against it. In the meantime, I was one of the chronic pain patients. With chronic pain patients, the prospects of being able to live permanently without pain are not very high. I tried a wide variety of therapies and devices.

These included:

  • the Hydrojet massage table
  • the Hydrojet wave system
  • the andullation couch
  • I visited wellness and spa facilities
  • the HHP massage table
  • Medi Stream
  • I bought wellness spa furniture for home
  • The Earthlite massage table
  • a water massage table
  • the Welcon massage armchair
  • the Ceragem massage table
  • the Brainlight massage chair
  • a massage mat Shiatsu
  • and an acupressure massage mat

Through my many visits to physiotherapists and physiotherapy training against back pain, I now feel like a professional. The use of terra bands and fascia rollers has also become second nature to me.

Pain-ridden as I was, I looked for alternative treatments, which cost me a lot of money, but they didn’t really help. And I really tried a lot of things here. Going to a chiropractor was as much a part of the treatments I tried as trying to get the pain under control with homeopathic remedies. As pleasant as the use of the Hydrojet massage bed was. It did not bring lasting relief. I got to know physiotherapy devices in rehab, which also had only a short duration of effect.

Many of these exercises, measures and furniture helped to alleviate the situation, but did not really help me in the long run.

A great world first

As you can certainly read from my text, I have tried everything to get the back pain under control. I bought one back pain massager after another, which unfortunately did not bring the desired success. I had finished with finding fun and joy in movement and activities once again in my life.

During this difficult time, I got to know reLounge. At first I was skeptical, I had already tried numerous competing products. Another professional massage couch, which comes from the category of wellness couch spa ortreatment couch physiotherapy and promises a lot.

Despite initial doubts, I gave reLounge a chance. Already after the first session on the lounge I noticed that my back was better. Of course, I knew that after one treatment the improvement could not be permanent. Highly motivated by the quick successes, I suspended the other treatments for the time being.

After only 4 weeks of using ReLounge, I was able to participate more actively in life. This was especially noticeable one evening when I went dancing with my husband. After endless years, I was finally able to dance with my husband again. And to my greatest surprise, I was not only able to dance almost all night long. But this was only the beginning. By continuing to use the ReLounge, my quality of life has improved one hundred percent. For me, this borders on a miracle after my long period of suffering. The electric massage table combines EMS back training and TENS for back pain with wonderful relaxing heat and a great massage. This massage can be customized to me. This Gert is not comparable to any other. No physiotherapy practice supplies, no hydromassage couch and no other device can compete here.

A positive change

I feel like I have been reborn. I am now much more active in my everyday life and the pain no longer has a grip on me. I no longer need help with every little thing and I just feel good. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the household – I can do it all by myself again. The better I felt physically, the better I felt psychologically. If in the worst times I often sank into self-pity, after the four-week use of ReLounge I could feel real joy of life again.

This is noticeable in our family life. The relationship with my husband has improved a lot, we have a normal marriage again, including more intimacy. Because even if this is not everything in a relationship, it is simply part of an intact relationship. After all these years, it is now as if we just met. I’ve been using ReLounge for almost 12 months now, in the meantime I’ve been able to pursue activities I couldn’t even think of before. Long walks, visits to an amusement park, dancing the night away – all this is possible again thanks to the help of ReLounge. My circle of friends has also expanded again and every first Saturday of the month I look forward to doing something with my girlfriends. Shopping, excursions or a hiking tour are no longer hurdles for me. In the past, I could hardly visit a restaurant because sitting for a long time caused me pain, but now I look forward to culinary impressions in many places.

But what makes ReLounge so unique? Relaunch combines the most proven methods against back pain in one system. With heat for loosening the muscles to EMS for muscle building and TENS for pain therapy and all based on a massage. The treatment is pleasant and delivers what it promises. I can highly recommend ReLounge.

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