What is reLounge?

What is reLounge?

In short, reLounge is a revolutionary way to counteract back pain.

reLounge forms a perfect symbiosis of four methods to eliminate back pain. The system of reLounge combines the four most popular methods against back pain in one system. It is not just an ordinary therapy couch, but something especially innovative. A professional massage table that can be used not only by physiotherapists and doctors, but also in the private sector. A product that can also be found in wellness and spa facilities

With the reLounge back therapy couch, an unpleasant and exhausting workout against back pain can be replaced.

The proven methods in the treatment of a sore back are simply combined by reLounge. Soothing heat to relieve tension and EMS back training form a perfect foundation. Performing TENS for back pain (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is completed with a suitable massage. This professional massage table combines all four listed points in one system.

Heat, massage and relaxation

The lying surface of the back therapy couch warms up to around 40° c. Just lying on the warm couch, tense muscles become loose again and come to rest. A massage releases stress and invigorates. Electrical impulses stimulate and loosen the entire back musculature down to deep areas.

The pulses used in this application are in the low and medium frequency range and have been proven to help treat pain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is in a very good range with the back therapy couch. TENS for back pain provides an exceptionally good method to relieve or eliminate it.

The light electrical nerve stimulation brings immediate relief from pain in the joints and muscles. In addition, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) helps to strengthen the muscles and eliminate the cause of discomfort at its core.  EMS activates about 95 percent of the muscles. EMS back training is thus made much easier and much more pleasant. EMS and TENS together with heat provide dynamic deep therapy.

The reLounge back therapy couch is the only one of its kind in the world and is used for:

  • Acute pain
  • chronic pain
  • for relaxation

It is not only possible to relieve pain, but also to treat the causes. This includes, for example, weak or unevenly built muscles. A strenuous and often painful training against back pain is eliminated by this professional massage table. The treatment is similarly beneficial as with a hydrojet massage table, but offers more features.

reLounge is versatile

The back therapy couch is not limited to use as wellness spa furniture or in medical facilities. In addition to its use as a physiotherapy treatment couch, reLounge is also popular among companies to provide a pleasant time-out for employees, customers or guests.

Some examples of this:

Doctors and physiotherapists are increasingly starting to use the reLounge back therapy couch. This couch not only helps patients improve painful problems, but likewise helps save on staff. In the category of physiotherapy practice supplies, this couch is a revolution. Within a very short time, the reLounge couch is adapted to the patient and the program runs automatically. The reLounge back therapy couch replaces the physiotherapy massage chair in many cases.

Hotels, wellness and spa facilities use the reLounge therapy couch to offer their guests more than a classic relaxation concept. A pain therapy that sustainably strengthens the musculature as well. reLounge is not just a normal wellness couch spa, it offers much more than just relaxation. Cosmetic and wellness facility customers benefit extraordinarily from it.

Many gyms have also already expanded their offerings with a reLounge back therapy couch. Relaxing the muscles after a strenuous workout and still strengthening them at the same pace offers the body a particularly valuable experience. Especially people who can no longer perform all movements benefit enormously from this couch.

Companies can help their employees and reduce sick leave at the same time. The breaks are designed as relaxation time for the body. Not only can work performance be increased, but employees are more relaxed and satisfied. Costs due to sick leave can also be reduced in this way, of course. Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for sick leave in Germany?

The reLounge back therapy couch is so easy to handle that it can easily be applied in many areas without further ado. A medical product that has now received approval not only in Europe but also in the USA. reLounge is more than just an electric massage couch.

Proven methods combined in one system

Everyone who is plagued by back pain knows how pleasant a soothing massage is. This additionally carried out on a heat mat, increases the relieving feeling when the pain subsides. But also massages with a targeted warm water jet are something enormously pleasant and beneficial. These and many other methods are pleasant in the short term, but a lasting improvement is achieved in very few cases.

The reLounge back therapy couch is different through innovation. It is adapted to the individual person and can thus be used specifically. The warming couch allows the person affected by pain to rest and recover within just 20 minutes. One feels sustainably better. Surveyed users describe this back therapy couch as stress relieving and relaxing. In addition, many say the massage felt like it was performed by four hands at once.

The application for people who already have chronic pain has already achieved great results. Not only the pain in the back has been improved extraordinarily, but also the general condition through improved sleep, more mobility and also vitality.  The deep wave therapy by the reLounge back therapy couch is even confirmed by hospitals. By the way, several studies now prove that the combination of heat and the electrical stimulation of the muscles brings enormous relief from pain.

Of course, people are different, just as their perception of pain is individual. That’s why the reLounge back therapy couch makes it possible to adapt it to each person individually and to personalize the treatment in this way. This adaptation step is uncomplicated and quick. Before each application, the 24 electrodes are individually adapted to the user. This ensures that each user is treated precisely. reLounge is an all-rounder in the field of massage couch spa, the professional massage couch, which effectively counteracts back pain.

Through this professional massage table, which does not require much space, you can prevent even age-related problems and improve your own quality of life. You not only save time, but also improve life in general with reLounge back therapy couch.  Because the comfortable couch is also great for home use.

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