Stimawell 120mtrs ems mat integrated in relounge couch
The effectiveness of StimaWell 120mtrs: An analysis of the studies

The StimaWell 120mtrs is a stimulation mat that employs transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to provide relief from pain, aid relaxation, and support regeneration. The mat, which is integrated into the reLounge, contains 24 electrodes that transmit electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves and alleviate pain. In addition to this, the StimaWell 120mtrs also incorporates modulated mid-frequency, which targets the muscles and enhances cellular activity.

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Rachel Lee
What is reLounge?

What is reLounge? In short, reLounge is a revolutionary way to counteract back pain. reLounge forms a perfect symbiosis of four methods to eliminate back pain. The system of reLounge combines the four most popular methods against back pain in one system. It is not just an ordinary therapy couch, but something especially innovative. A […]

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Healthcare Relounge
Backpain – an overview

Back pain – a common affliction Back pain is one of the most topical issues of all. Why? Because about 80% of people suffer from it or have already suffered from it. Pain in the area of the lumbar spine, in the lower part of the back between the base of the ribs and the […]

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